Filerimos is a hill of 267 meters high, thickly planned with cypress, pine and other trees. It is 15,2 kms away from the city of Rhodes and it used to be the citadel of the ancient town of Ialysos which must have been the initial nucleus of the ancient settlement called Achaea.

The upper part of Filerimos is a large plateam and most of the buildings are found on the eastern side of the mountain. They include the foundations of the temple of Athena Polias, an Early Christian basilica, and a small subterranean Byzantine church.

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Here the knights built a Monastery that is surrounded by cloisters and have cells. This monastery was restored by Italians.

Along the right side of a path called Calvary (Golgothàs), there are scenes of the Passions of Jesus. This tiny thickly planned road, leads to the western part of the hill, where an imposing Cross stands in the middle of a small square. A picturesque view is dominated by the Mountain Ataviros (the highest mountain of Rhodes), in the distance.