Art Gallery of Rhodes

The Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes, recently renamed to Modern Greek Art Museum (MGA), is today one of the most significant and most representative collections of the 20th century Greek painting. The majority of Greek artists born into these nine generations, artists who formed the face of modern Greek painting, are included in this collection. We see the most indicative examples of their work, and indeed, in many cases, the Gallery contains paintings which would be indispensable if a museum were to be set up for each artist separately.

There are works which mark the development of these artists or which have been part of official exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. Works by K. Maleas, G. Bouzianis, F. Kontoglou, Theofilos, S.Vasiliou, N. Hadzikyriakos – Gikas, Y. Spyropoulos and other prominent Greek artists who together make this collection so interesting and so valuable for the scholar of Modern Greek painting.

Many of the paintings have been part of official exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. Alongside the masters there are in display other important artistic expressions that complemented the intellectual character of each decade and each major historical period. With a few exceptions – mostly regarding recent generations of artists who are still developing their own style and technique – the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes is a highly representative museum of the Greek Art of this century.

Today the Gallery hosts 690 exhibits but only 90 are available to the public disposal. The paintings exhibited are changed in regular intervals. The organization of specific exhibitions and other artistic events in various buildings of the Medieval town is also among the activities of the Municipal Art Gallery.

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